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Welcome to 3rd Conference “Mathematics for Life Sciences”

The international conference “Mathematics for Life Sciences” will be held
from 15 September to 19 September 2015 in Rivne, Ukraine.

This is the third meeting in the series of events to be organized in the framework of the Marie Curie IRSES project EU_Ukrainian Mathematicians for Life Sciences (EUMLS) and the Marie Curie RISE project Approximation Methods for Molecular Modelling and Diagnosis Tools (AMMODIT).

The previous conferences were in Kyiv, September 2012 (EUMLS-2012) and in Olenivka, September 2013 (EUMLS-2013).

The conference is devoted to recent research in life sciences based on applications of mathematics to biological and medical studies. It is a multidisciplinary meeting forum for researchers who develop and apply mathematical and computational tools to the study of phenomena in the broad fields of biology, ecology, medicine, bioengineering, environmental science, etc.

The main topics of the conference

  • Approximation theory.
  • Biological imaging processes.
  • Biophysics.
  • Free boundaries problems in mathematical biology.
  • Hemodynamics.
  • Hydrodynamics.
  • Neuroinformatics.
  • Mathematical models for evolutionary biology (deterministic modeles and stochastic processes).
  • Numerical methods in mathematical biology.
  • PDE's and fractional PDE's in medicine and biosciences.

The meeting is open to all interested scientists with a mathematical, physical or life science background.

During the conference the participating researchers will have the opportunity to present their own ongoing research to the interdisciplinary audience, either in shorter 20-minute contributed talks or by taking part in the poster section.

Working language of the conference is English

Previous conferences:    EUMLS-2012  |  EUMLS-2013  |  EUMLS-2014*